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Thor 3 Has been officially announced! The only information that is available is the short storyline that involves Thor and Ragnarok.
Link here -http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3501632/?ref_=nv_sr_2


Fellow Tumblr Universe, I am sure you are all as excited as I am for the upcoming Thor movie! And for this reason I need your assistance. This post involves an idea for a side-plot to the new Thor release.

Before you should stop reading, I ask that you kindly continue reading, since I believe that many people will be very interested in what I have in mind for the plot.

I imagine that the picture that I posted made an impression, and it was meant to. And if you are indeed reading this now, then I have succeeded partly in my attempt. (So please read on! (:

You are all probably wondering who this woman is, that is besides Loki. Well, she is an Light Elf.. I believe the Marvel Universe has not placed enough stress upon the overall aspect of the Light Elves. As it is, you hardly know anything regarding them. It is mainly common facts that you see with regular rpg characters you play in video games. I feel that the Light Elves deserve an chance to make their appearance in a movie, (the Dark Elves already have so why not - Light Elves?!) and I am truly hoping that this next Thor release will be that one. (Which is why I desperately need your help in doing this!)

In Norse mythology, Loki has been paired with the strangest, and most insane partners as you can ever imagine. Sign being an exception to this, but in the way in which he wins her (or better yet steals her) is in fact dreadful. My idea is that perhaps Marvel can have Loki get into an relationship in the movie that does not involve anything atrocious. Which is where this Light Elf comes into play. Ever since I discovered the Light Elves in Norse mythology, I straightaway thought that Loki and an Light Elf would make an excellent pair. You are probably thinking pessimistically on this, wondering how it could be at all possible for Loki to be in unity to an Light Elf. Honestly, I believe the Light Elf would expose Loki’s faults and wrongs. She would convict him of all he has done, and in time change him of his wicked ways. Here is an summary of what I have in mind for her role. (Remember, this is simply my own opinion and ideas, nothing confirmed and you do not have to like this, I am not forcing any of you to believe with my own ideals. So please no - hate.) 

She would be the object of perfection, no blemishes, innocent and pure on all levels. Somehow in someway, she would cross paths with Loki and serve under his authority of his false impression of Odin. I believe at fist, the relationship would be very slight, only her being an servant and perhaps upon receiving more respect on his part, she would become his royal servant (or that in the beginning). He would probably not give her a second thought at first, but in time he would eventually not be able to ignore her presence at all, for the fact that her words of wisdom and understanding would have an impact upon him. In time, they would begin to haunt him, convicting him of his wrongs, of the acts he was still performing. He would relentlessly deny them since he was too ignorant and for the fact he was scared to admit to his wrongdoings and so release the shell he has built up around himself for years - to protect himself from the very emotions that so betrayed him the past.

Also, since of her appearance, her way of thought, the very way she spoke, affected him as well, and perhaps more - so than he bargained for. Her innocent heritage will eventually drive him mad since he is practically the complete opposite of her, and for the fact she reminded him so much of his past self that he tried desperately to dispose of and neglect. (She pretty much is his worst discomfort zone) He will probably do something (or many things) that he will in time regret, but he would learn from it.

- The Light Elf is Loki’s main protagonist of escape from his evil ways. She will be the loyal subject, who would not question his authority or deny him. From the start she would be ever the follower and supporter. (I always saw the Light Elves as very loyal subjects) She will listen to his opinions, she would not be afraid to hear his vents regarding his betrayal, family and every subject that so stirs an negative emotion in him. It is with her loyalty, silence and unending patience that so catches Loki’s eye. No matter what the subject entailed or how vexed he was, she would ceaselessly listen to him.

So basically her main role would be in having Loki confess of his wrongdoings and to release him of his bondage to his dark past that he so uses against himself along with his identity as an Frost Giant.

Well, that was my idea of the side-plot of the movie. I probably went into it more than I necessarily meant to, I simply wanted to get the meaning across. Now, let me make this clear, this is simply my own opinion and ideas, (no one elses) this is nothing confirmed, only a brewing of my mind. It is something I have thought (and written about) for awhile now. I simply thought that maybe other people would be interested in it as well. And if so, then perhaps they would be willing to assist me in getting this reached to the higher authority (producer director, writers among others).

If you have indeed read this far (I truly appreciate it!) then perhaps you are interested in seeing an Light Elf being involved in the film. If you so are (or you are interested in Loki having some sort of affair) then please reblog this before the actual film goes in post-production!

Do you truly want to see an Light Elf protagonist role in the next Thor movie? Do you truly wish to see Loki have an relationship with an Light Elf, do you truly wish to see him redeemed? Then reblog this now! So we will not both regret it later on! 

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 Thank you again for reading this!  I truly do appreciate it. (I know it was really long, but I hope beyond hope it was worth it to you!)

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